Demo video, placing furniture

You can easily place furniture in your home, and swithc between different items. This is a great way to explore different shapes and sizes, and how they fit into your space. PS! This is a demo video, and the app design will be updated before release.


Demo video, interior items

Shopping online it can be difficult to know how big a vase is, or if a lamp will be the right fit. The AR app let’s you see the size and shape of interior items, and you can easily swipe to the next one. PS! This is a demo video, and the app design will be updated before release.

How to hit the ground running

Holoshop has experience and experts that will help you get started. We offer:

  • Turn your top-selling and newest products into 3D-models
  • SnapChat filters
  • AR app
  • Marketing package incl. advertising, optimizing and reports
  • Get a kick-start into the new shop experience and be a “first mover”.

Our focus is on delivering you a successfully executed innovation project, with a product that will delight your customers.

Want to learn more?

We offer fixed packages and a limited set of customized setups available. Let us know what you want to learn more about, and we’ll get in touch with you.

    Standard packageCustomized package

    Why do we shop?

    The Experience.

    When working with innovation and new technology it’s easy to lose track of your core. Technology is a tool that we use to improve our life, not a goal in itself. 

    AR shopping needs to give your customer a delightful and fun experience. This includes having a social element, and that it’s easy to use no matter how tech averse your customers might feel.